Inspection Media - Ring Gauges, CMM Stations, GOM Fixtures, PCF Tooling

High precision checking fixtures for vehicle closures; side doors, tailgates/decklids, hoods/bonnets and fenders/wings.

These tools enable the inspection of assemblies, against the tight tolerance requirements identified by the customer's design specification in their fitted conditions and relative to surrounding panelling or in isolation.

Measurements can be in the form of go/no-go (gap/flush), numerical data, laser/optical scanned or real-time video to CAD scanning.

Assembly Tooling - Setting, Welding, Bonding, Rivetting or Mechanical Joining

Precision fixtures and jigs for holding assembly component parts; for heat or chemical welding, adhesive bonding, curing and/or drying to create complete asssemblies.

These tools enable repeated accurate and geometrically stable assembly from simple catch mechanisms to entire vehicle platforms, and can be designed for simple or complex processes undertaken manually or within robotic cells as part of a fully automated assembly line.

Hemming Tools - Closures

Robust and accurate holding & clamping tools for hemmed (folded and bonded) assemblies. Typically doors, tailgates/decklids, hoods/bonnets and front fenders/wings, these hemming tools can be designed to suit any method required - typical examples being cam or lever actuated hemming units clamping the hemmed edges, or robot mounted roller heads.

Handling, positioning, clamping, material and process integration are all key factors with hemming tools and a detailed knowledge of the best methods to employ to achieve high quality finishes from the finished edges are critical.

Press Tooling

Process planning, panel feasibility, process layouts and flow charts.

Design of automotive press tools for large and small bay presses, Tri-axis and Multi-stage transfer tools, progression and prototype dies.

At VNF we have designed press tools for body sides, skin panels and many other complex parts requiring innovative solutions.