Carbon Fire Mould Tooling

Design and develop cure mould tools for the carbon fibre parts and assemblies, support frames/trollies for transporting moulds from the clean room to the autoclave and integrate with Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV).

CNC trimming Fixtures

Design and develop CNC machining fixtures which support and locate the carbon fibre parts during machining operations, typically precision face machining and Edge-of-Part (EoP). Utilise vacuum plate systems, gripping/retaining systems, location systems and locking pneumatic solutions.

Aerospace Assembly Tooling

Design and development of holding fixtures to aid assembly and enable riveting and adhesives to be applied to components of mixed materials including carbon fibre, into hybrid assemblies.

Fixtures typically utilise various clamps, supports and location features; to hold and align the component in the correct orientation, whilst still allowing access to the areas where components are being fastened. Guides enabling the consistent and accurate drilling of the fixing holes can be added e.g. for rivetting. Usually tooling will be on a transportable frame so the fixture can be moved around with relative ease.

Control Surface Drilling Fixtures

Design and development of drilling fixtures for the hinge and or drive bracketry placement.

Fixture design typically uses drilling bushes to correctly and precisely drill the holes on partially or fully assembled components. Located precisely and clamping in place ensures a consistent and reliable process - essential due to the tight tolerances required.

Fitting Drilling Fixtures

Design and development of multi step drilling fixtures and final assembly fixtures.

Inspection/certification Media - ICY Tooling

High precision fixtures for component assembly, inspection and certification.

These tools enable the assembly or inspection of parts and/or sub-assemblies, against the tight tolerance requirements identified by the customer's design specification. This can be straightforward assembly or certification in their fitted conditions and relative to surrounding panelling or in isolation.

Measurements can be in the form of go/no-go, numerical data (e.g. DTI readings), precision pins, or laser/optically scanned.

Specialised and Specific Handling Equipment

Lifting, rotating, transporting, positioning; high or low speed, robust or delicate parts and assemblies.